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Building Specifications

custom fiberglass reinforced panel buildings

General Description

Our typical custom-built fiberglass buildings consist of fiberglass-reinforced-polyester laminated and foam-cored composite walls, floors and ceilings. Our fiberglass buildings come with floors that can be built to specifications or set up with simple tie down flanges. The doors are custom molded to desired sizes and features the same construction as the enclosure with reinforcements.

Design Loading

  • Wind Rating: 75 MPH for standard buildings; a 135 MPH wind rating with custom fabrication
  • Ground Snow Load: Pg=30 PSF, 70 PSF w/reinforcement
  • Seismic Zone - 1
  • Other options custom quoted


The exterior finish consists of an ultraviolet-resistant, 15-20 mil thick molded gel coat. The Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP) are one piece, heavy gauge, premium fiberglass weather-tight bonded skins that are 1/8" thick and molded together over a minimum ASTM E 84, Class 11 rating. Our panels are fire retardant and consist of - at minimum - 2 lbs. per cu. ft. polyurethane foam or better. Some of these systems are modular to conform to the requirements of the specifications. All cutouts to accommodate fans, louvers, hatches and other fixtures are reinforced. Equipment can be hung from the reinforced walls and roof. All connections utilize stainless steel fasteners and hardware.

custom fiberglass reinforced panel buildings

Comparative "R" factors based
on 2" insulation thickness

Polyurethane R12-14 Diagram
Glass Fiber R6-8
Polystyrene Foam R7-9
custom fiberglass reinforced panel buildings

FRP Specifications

Tensile Strengh 11,000 psi ASTM D638
Flexural Strength 18,000 psi ASTM D790
Shear Strength 12,000 psi ASTM D732
Barcol Hardness 40 ASTM D2583
Impact 12 ft. lbs/inch ASTM D256
Heat Distortion Point 175° F ASTM D384
Density/Specific Gravity 93.6 PCF / .03 ASTM D792
Burning Characteristics < 25 Flame Spread; < 450 Smoke Density ASTM E84
Thermal Conductivity .14 BTU. IN. HR, FT2 . F ASTM C518
Density/Specific Gravity 2.0 PCF/.03 ASTM D1622
Burning Characteristics < 25 Flame Spread; < 240 Smoke Density ASTM E84
custom fiberglass reinforced panel buildings

Standard Building Features

fiberglass buildings
  1. SS 3 pt (lockable) Door Hardware
  2. SS Door Drip Edge
  3. 4" Molded Tie-down Flange
    (Interior 360°)
  4. PVC door Sweep
  5. Neoprene Gasket
  6. 2" SS Kick Strip
  7. SS Door Sill (Behind Sweep)
  8. SS Lifting Eyes
  9. Color (White)
  10. SS Piano Hinge
  11. Insulated R-8
  12. SS Fastners
  13. 12" Vent/Damper

Optional Features & Equipment on Request:

Lights and Fans; (FRP) Rain Covers; GFI; Pre-Wiring; (FRP) Intake Louvers, Vents, and Openings; Reinforced Walls for Equipment Hanging; Double Doors; Variety of Panel Colors; Windows; R-14 Insulation; Sound Proofing...

custom fiberglass reinforced panel buildings
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Fiberglass Building Benefits

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